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Are you a lawyer, external data protection officer or consultantand do you want to offer your clients the best possible service when it comes to assuming the obligations under the EU Whistleblower Directive?
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You bring the legal expertise to your clients and they are happy to hand over the operation of the reporting channel and the whistleblower reporting centre to you?
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But you still lack the right software solution?

For this purpose, konfidal has developed a highly specialised whistleblower software solution for you

With it providers can potentially operate an unlimited number of whistleblower channels and maintain the whistleblower operation for an unlimited number of clients. Become the ombudsman centre for all your clients with Konfidal.
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By taking over the operation of the whistleblower office for your clients, you move closer to your clients in terms of content and can provide support at an early stage when it comes to taking on further mandates resulting from whistleblower cases.

Your client has the good feeling that he receives advice and whistleblower services from a single source and no longer has to worry about his legal compliance.

The konfidal Whistleblower Software Partner Package also includes that you as a service provider only pay when you have won clients for your full service

So you have no risk of upfront investments that may not pay off at all. With konfidal you are profitable from day one!
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Talk to sales now and supply your customers immediately!

How it works


1. Offer

Offer your clients the full service of the Ombudsman to save them time and money.

2. Contract

Offer your clients the full service of the Ombudsman to save them time and money.

3. Setup

Set up the client in the konfidal software in minutes and share with them the link to their company-specific whistleblower reporting portal so that the client's employees and stakeholders can report hints at any time.

4. Operation

Work on whistleblower cases for your clients and bring them to a successful conclusion. If necessary, initiate internal investigations in consultation with your client or conduct litigation cases for your client.

5. All-in-one Solution

To do this, work directly with your client in the konfidal software. This means that the highly sensitive data never has to leave the closed system.Offer your clients the full service of the Ombudsman to save them time and money.
Closing business with konfidal


Relieved clients and a prosperous additional business model for your law firm.
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"Thanks to the konfidal whistleblower software solution for legal service providers, we as a law firm are able to provide an unlimited number of clients with our service of operating reporting offices in accordance with HinSchG. Reports under LkSG, WpHG, WpIG, KWG, VAG or GwG can also be processed in one system."
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Dr. Dennis Geissler
Partner, FEROX LEGAL, Frankfurt am Main

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions?
Yes, you can integrate the colours, fonts, logos and other elements used in order to come as close as possible to the appearance of your site or that of your client. In the future, this will become even easier by simply giving our application the URL of the website whose style you want to see adopted. konfidal will do the rest for you.
No, you only pay when you have acquired a customer or client for your ombudsman/ombudsperson/full service/notification service. This way you are consistently revenue positive and never take a risk at any time.
In a few minutes you are ready to go: All you have to do is create your customer/client as this with name, logo and address, design the reporting portal for this still the common wish and send your customer/client the immediately generated link to his individual whistleblower reporting portal. Your customer/client shares this link with his staff and your customer is already legally compliant and you take over his whistleblower operation. If you have any detailed questions, our sales team will be happy to advise you. This aspect is also dealt with in great detail in our structured onboarding.
We are of course there for you! If your customers/clients have general questions about using the software, we will be happy to answer them without restriction via our hotline or via in-app chat as well as e-mail. If it is a case-related issue, we will solve the problem together with you so that you can help your customer further.
This constellation is rather unusual, but does occur in practice. We can also provide you with workflows on how you can optimally relieve your clients and exculpate them without creating any friction regarding responsibilities. Please feel free to contact us on this topic.
Yes, together with our partner PLANIT // LEGAL, we have prepared a template for the data protection impact assessment as well as other DSGVO-relevant documents for you. You can find these in the app for download.
Of course. Together with our data protection partner PLANIT // LEGAL and our appointed data protection officer Dr Bernd Schmidt, LL.M, we map all the requirements relevant to the GDPR. We also provide you with downloadable documents such as the Data Processing Order Agreement (DPO) incl. Technical Organisational Measures (TOM), the Data Protection Impact Assessment and a template for a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPA).
You book our consultancy services such as the introduction consultancy or the training for reporting office managers once. The term for the software is 12 months and is automatically extended by a further 12 months if you do not cancel beforehand. Our Full Service, i.e. the takeover of your reporting office operations by our trained compliance experts, is for 12 months with automatic renewal for further 12 months too. Our sales team will be only too happy to provide you with more information.
Yes, the EU Whistleblower Directive explicitly allows this. If you are, for example, an external data protection officer, IT security specialist or external compliance service provider and would like to use the konfidal software as a working basis for your offer to take over the operation of the whistleblower reporting office for your customers, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so. Our sales team will be happy to advise you.

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