What can konfdial do for me?

Against the background of the legal obligation of companies with 50 or more employees to provide whistleblower protection, it is often difficult to find an overview of legally binding tasks, sensible solutions that fit my organisation and competent partners on the way to legally compliant implementation. Here, konfidal helps with introductory advice on the new Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG and HSchG), training of employees in dealing with the whistleblower reporting channels as whistleblowers, training of employees in regard to being recipients of tips (whistleblower officers), with self-developed software hosted in Germany and, if desired, the assumption of most duties (ombusman activity or external service provider for whistleblower operation).

Comply with the HinSchG and/or the EU Whistleblower Directive

As a company in the EU with 50 or more employees, it is mandatory to set up a so-called internal reporting channel, which all stakeholders of your company can use to report sensitive information. In addition, an internal reporting office must be created in which suitable persons receive and process reports confidentially and without instructions. Establishing this is a great challenge in terms of technology, organisation and personnel. konfidal can help you to implement all these points in the shortest possible time or to delegate many of the tasks to an external third party via Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

**Failure to implement can result in a fine of up to €50,000.

  • Avoid this with konfidal and become compliant with the HinSchG or the EU Whistleblower Directive
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  • For more information on the Whistleblower Directive and local laws in your country click here

Create transparency internally and externally.

As a company, it is important to provide a high level of transparency to both customers and employees to build trust in the brand and management. Being able to make a report and not having to fear reprisals because a certain person receives the information confidentially and is guaranteed to respond to the report creates a feeling of being heard and taken seriously, especially for company employees. The certainty that the confidential information will be turned into action makes the company and one's own workplace a better place. Whistleblowing strengthens and thus binds the important resource of people to your company - simply through more transparency.

Your shareholders will also be reassured that investing in your company was the right decision, because they know that a whistleblowing system will uncover wrongdoings at an early stage and thus prevent monetary and PR damage to the company.

  • Create a place with the best corporate culture and satisfied investors with konfidal
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Win more customers

Knowing that compliance processes are important to you will massively strengthen your brand's value to customers, resulting in higher customer loyalty and indirectly higher sales.

  • Win more customers with konfidal through accountability and commitment to good business processes
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Rely on the most technically advanced solution on the market.

With konfidal whistleblower software, you not only get a technically cutting-edge alternative to the implementation of the EU Whistleblower Directive, but with our smart case evaluation functions and the permanent further development of our multilingual software, you also gain planning security and predictability for your company.


There's no need to drill down into existing software products to create a comparable feature

Have you been thinking about implementing a whistleblowing solution for a while, but would rather use your current collaboration tools? Or perhaps your HR department has already set up an email address to improve employee wellbeing?

At first glance, this sounds tempting, but no employee is going to contact their HR department via email, which can basically be read by anyone, if they have discovered financial fraud. On the other hand, staff will also not feel safe reporting a sexual assault via a Slack channel. Your employees expect a dedicated platform for secure communication for sensitive data.

  • Don't confuse anyone with complicated, home-grown or insecure solutions. Rely on konfidal and thus on software that all your stakeholders can trust.

Software made and hosted in Germany.

Establish maximum security for your data and that of your whistleblowers with a software solution developed and hosted in Germany. We guarantee the highest standards of data security, not least because of the high regulations that apply to this in Germany.

Entrust your sensitive data to a software company in the heart of Europe. konfidal protects it confidentially and reliably!

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Published at: August 19, 2022